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Flap / gum surgeries 

Welcome to Dr. Kiruthika's Dental Clinic: Your Partner in Advanced Gum Care

Specialized Flap/Gum Surgeries for Enhanced Oral Health

At Dr. Kiruthika's Dental Clinic, we provide expert flap/gum surgeries as part of our comprehensive periodontal care. Our skilled team, led by Dr. Kiruthika, is dedicated to restoring and maintaining the health of your gums, ensuring the longevity of your teeth and overall oral wellness.

Understanding Flap/Gum Surgery

Flap surgery, also known as pocket reduction surgery, is a procedure used to treat periodontal disease when it cannot be controlled with non-surgical treatments. It involves making small incisions in the gum to lift back a section of gum tissue, providing access to the roots for deep cleaning and bone reshaping if necessary.

Why Flap/Gum Surgery May Be Necessary

  • Advanced Periodontal Disease: To treat infections and inflammation beneath the gums.

  • Deep Gum Pockets: Cleaning areas that cannot be reached with regular dental cleaning.

  • Preventing Tooth Loss: By addressing the underlying cause of periodontal disease.

  • Enhancing Smile Aesthetics: Improving the appearance of the gums and smile.

Our Flap/Gum Surgery Procedure

Comprehensive Evaluation: A thorough examination, including X-rays, to assess the extent of periodontal disease and plan the surgery.

The Surgical Process:

  1. Anesthesia for Comfort: Local anesthesia to ensure a comfortable experience.

  2. Gum Flap Creation: Carefully lifting the gums to expose the roots and bone.

  3. Deep Cleaning: Removing plaque and tartar from below the gum line.

  4. Bone Reshaping (if necessary): Smoothing and reshaping the bone to eliminate hiding places for bacteria.

  5. Gum Reattachment: Securing the gums back into place with sutures.

Post-Surgery Care and Recovery

  • Detailed Aftercare Instructions: Guidance on how to care for your gums post-surgery.

  • Pain Management: Recommendations for managing discomfort and swelling.

  • Follow-Up Visits: Monitoring your healing and ensuring successful outcomes.

Why Choose Dr. Kiruthika's Dental Clinic for Gum Surgery?

  • Expertise in Periodontal Care: Dr. Kiruthika has extensive experience in flap/gum surgeries and periodontal treatments.

  • Advanced Surgical Techniques: Utilizing the latest methods and technology for effective and precise treatment.

  • Patient Comfort and Safety: We prioritize your comfort and safety, offering comprehensive care and support throughout your treatment.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you're experiencing gum issues or have been advised to consider flap/gum surgery, contact us to schedule a consultation. We're committed to providing you with the highest standard of periodontal care.

Phone: 091713 33368

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